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The best moments in life are often the simplest ones, so spend them with friends under the stars, where laughter fills the air and worries fade away.


Isn't it so nice when finally you have all of your girls together in the one spot, after what feels like forever to organise something. Well Savvy Swags are here to help, wether you have a friends birthday, a special occasion or just a catch up. 

Every friend group has that one gal who loves to organise something fun for everyone to do but sometimes it can get a bit complicated. Not with Savvy Swags. Put her in charge and finally everyone gets to enjoy a nice night away from home. We give you all the options to customise a camping experience that suits best for you. From camping introductions or familiarisation's, to putting up swags for you and even packing them down. It leaves you options to do the things you want to do and not having to do the things you don't want to do. These experiences are memories that last forever. 

"You should have heard the laughs we were all having, one of the funniest nights I can remember. Being able to have the weekend with my girls was exactly what I needed and I had no idea. I'm so thankful that Sally heard about Savvy Swags, I can't stop talking about it"

Susan, 52

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