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We're Savvy Swags, a community where females of all ages can gather, express themselves, and embrace their true selves. We believe in the power of nature and the importance of authentic self-expression. Together, we create a haven where you can find inspiration, solace, and strength.

Our Story

Savvy Swags began with a deep desire to create a space where teens and ladies could find solace and freedom. Our founder, Kelsi, envisioned a place where females could be unapologetically themselves. Nature became the backdrop for our vision, revitalizing and rejuvenating us. We celebrate diversity and encourage one another to embrace individuality. Our story continues to unfold with everyone who joins us.

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Our mission is to empower all females to embrace their authentic selves, find strength in nature, and create a supportive community.

We value:



Celebrating individuality


Inspiring inner strength


Fostering friendships

Nature as a Teacher

Learning from the natural world


Embracing diversity

Growth and Learning

Promoting continuous growth


Prioritizing health


Encouraging kindness and empathy

Our People

We're guided by core values that shape our interactions and experiences. Our community is open to females of all backgrounds, and we believe in supporting and empowering each other on our journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

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The Vision

Kelsi's vision is to create a world where every female feels empowered and connected. We envision a future where nature serves as a catalyst for personal growth and the formation of strong bonds.

Who Is She?

Kelsi Peira is the heart and soul behind Savvy Swags. She creates sanctuaries where females can step away from reality and immerse themselves in nature. Kelsi is a Certified Life Coach and Neuro-linguistic Programming practitioner, and she's studying to become a Women's Holistic Hormone Health Practitioner. Her passion for coaching, mentoring, and nature guides everything we do at Savvy Swags.


Why Us?

Kelsi's passion for the outdoors and understanding the importance of human connection led to the creation of our swag retreats. These retreats offer a chance to escape the digital world and enjoy the beauty of nature. It's about spending time with great people, having fun, and finding joy in the simple things.

Why Just Females?

We believe in the power of women working together. Savvy Swags provides a safe and supportive environment for open conversations and vulnerability. We want women everywhere to lift each other up and build a community of support and empowerment.

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What People Say

Our community loves what we do, and their words inspire us every day. From the connections made around the campfire to the life lessons learned, the experiences at Savvy Swags are unforgettable. Whether it's the welcoming smiles, the deep conversations, or the sense of independence gained, our retreats leave a lasting impact.


"I believe in the transformative power of nature and the importance of taking time for oneself. Through my facilitation, I encourage adventure, relaxation, and self-discovery. Join me on this incredible journey, where we'll explore nature's playground and forge unforgettable memories."

Image by Simon Maisch
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